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Core Alignment Technique (CAT)

Eeris developed the Core Alignment Technique (CAT), which was inspired by the work of her teacher Shari Sunshine as well as her own experience. It is a unique mixture of passive movements, Shiatsu stretches, and Energy Work. This technique uses slow, repetitive, range-of-motion type movement. The emphasis is on releasing blockages in the pelvis or shoulders and aligning your spine.

The benefits of Core Alignment Technique


  • Help with chronic or acute upper and lower back pain and stiffness

  • Release of Frozen Shoulder, neck pain and stiffness

  • Spinal Stenosis pain relief

  • Increased flexibility and mobility after injury or surgery

  • Sideline approach for clients who cannot lay prone or supine

  • Excellent during pregnancy (With the exception of some spinal stretches)

  • Movement adds another dimension to a regular massage