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Office Policies/COVID-19

Updated: January 2024


With the exception of gift certificate recipients.

Oncology/Lymphedema clients are welcome to sign up on my waitlist and describe your situation. Feel free to check in with me in a few weeks if you do not hear from me. 



Mailing list sign-up


Mask Policy

The use of a mask is optional but welcome.

I chose to wear a mask during our session.

If you feel well but think you may have been exposed to something contagious, please wear a mask.


  • If you are experiencing a fever, cough, or sore throat. You may reschedule your appointment when you are no longer symptomatic.

  • If you have been in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19. Please reschedule your appointment for 5 days past the date of contact.

  • There will be NO last-minute cancellation fee for COVID-related cancellations. Please give me as much notice as possible. You can reschedule when you are feeling better. 

BY BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT YOU ARE ACKNOWLEDGING that you are aware of the risks involved in receiving a massage during COVID-19, and you agree to receive bodywork from me.

Precautionary steps I am taking

  • I allow time between appointments to clean and disinfect surfaces.

  • The massage table is protected with a non-porous material and is wiped and disinfected between clients.

  • As always, sheets, pillowcases, and blankets will be clean and fresh for each client

  • I thoroughly disinfect the face cradle after each client. Disposable covers are available if you prefer that to a cloth pillowcase.

  • Hand sanitizer and paper towels are available.

  • I am vaccinated


  • If possible leave jewelry at home

  • Wash your hands before entering the treatment room.

  • When getting undressed place your clothes, any forgotten jewelry, and other belongings in the plastic bin provided

  • Sanitize your hands before getting on the table, and after coughing or blowing your nose

After the Session

  • Sanitize your hands and get dressed.



To keep my costs down and prices low, I prefer payment methods that do not charge fees.

  • I accept cash and check payments.

  • PayPal/Venmo: You can pay before or after the session (If using PayPal-Choose the no-fee Friends and Family option)

  • Credit/debit card: (4% convenience fee applies) You will be able to insert or tap your card.



Please do not feel obligated to tip, especially if finances are tight, but if you want to share your abundance, it's always appreciated! I often pay it forward. 



  • Please notify me immediately if you develop any COVID-19 symptoms after the session. I will do the same for you. 



Length of sessions
Full-body sessions are usually 75, 90,
105, or 120 minutes long. Shorter sessions can be booked for a specific focus on troubled areas. 
Each session starts with a 5-10 min check-in conversation and it is part of the length of the session.
For your first time please fill or download the health history form in advance 


Late arrival
Please understand that if you arrive late for your appointment you will be expected to pay for the full session.
If you desire additional time and it is available, you may be asked to pay for the extra time. 
If I am running late and the start of your session is delayed, I will make sure to honor the full length of your booked time or adjust your payment.  
If you need to be done by a certain time please let me know at the beginning of your session.


ILLNESS: There are no cancellation fees if you need to cancel last minute due to illness, but I would appreciate as much notice as possible. 

NO SHOW: Please understand that you will be expected to pay for your reserved time if you skip your appointment. 

How to prepare for a massage

Please shower or freshen up before your session.

If you receive a session fully clothed, (like Shiatsu or Thai massage) make sure to wear clean, fresh loose clothes, and clean socks. Avoid Jeans, lots of pockets, and thick materials.

My goal is to provide excellent professional service. If there is anything I can do to make your experience better, I always appreciate your honest feedback. 

Thank you for your trust in me!

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