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Remote energy work

Even though touch is essential and important, energy work can be as nurturing and as powerful, if not more.  
Since energy work is about stepping out of time and dimension, it can be done remotely. I invite you to open yourself to the possibility that no matter where we are physically, we are connected. 

 Quantum Shiatsu and The Essence of the Soul  can help with keeping your balance and vitality, calm your nervous system and ground you during these challenging times.

What to expect from a remote session: 

  • When you set an appointment, make sure you have a quiet, private place to receive the work.

  • We will have a short discussion via phone or the internet, and discuss the areas (physical and non-physical) that you would like support with. 

  • We can stay online so you can listen to my voice while I talk you through breathing and relaxation or turn the devices off and you can just receive while I do the work. 

  • With the aid of a chart, I will tune in and scan and then clear and activate your meridian system and your chakras. 

  • We can utilize "The Essence of the Soul"  for clearing specific issues between you and another person or place, and for clearing emotional charges. 

  • The essence of the Soul clearing can also be done without you being present

The session can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the extent of the support you need.

We will set a time to connect again at your convenience for feedback. 


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