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Red Orange Light Art

Quantum Shiatsu

Founder: Pauline Sasaki


In Quantum Shiatsu we recognize that we are not only physical beings but multi-dimensional, holographic energetic beings. 

By applying the principals of Quantum Physics while using Shiatsu techniques we initiate a process of unification of the energy within us and the energy around us, therefore, amplifying our vital energy, and the dominance of the Light Body and innate goodness available to us. This is called Quantum Coherence.

Quantum Shiatsu (QSH) uses a One Meridian system. All twelve meridians connect into each other in one energtic flow,  affecting all functions, so the practitioner is able to access each meridian Ki (Chi) from any point of contact by activating Quantum Coherence. 

In QSH the practitioner is focused on activating the anti-pathogenic Ki (Healthy Chi) VS eliminating Pathogenic Ki (Problem areas).

The pace of QSH is fast and light to allow the receiver to go beyond the awareness and limitation of their physical body and connect to their energy body. The merging of the different energy bodies is done by the process of gridding.

QSH incorporates Chakra balancing and DNA activation. 

There are many benefits to QSH, from pain relief to reduction of stress to emotional and spiritual sense of deep well being. 

This work can be done in person or remotely. 

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