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Distant Energy Clearing

The essence of the Soul

Do you feel emotionally/personally stuck? 

Something is zapping your energy?

looking for a change? 

We are multi-dimensional beings. This means we are connected to a higher vibration, but sometimes we collect negative energy as well.  

Energetic and karmic blockages and issues can affect our thoughts, our actions and how we perform our daily lives.

By tapping into our available sources and guidance we can enhance our inner light and goodness making it more available and accessible to us so we can create the changes we desire.

This method is useful for clearing energetic charges ("issues") between you and another person, a place or environment, and for clearing an emotional charge that you might be experiencing.

This is a powerful form sacred of prayer and intention. Results can be instantaneous or can show up as subtle and steady transformation.


This form of distant energy clearing is based on

"Mahut Haneshama" מהות הנשמה (The Essence of the Soul) Developed by Ruth Webb- Krill.

Ruth Web Krill Developed her healing methods through spiritual channeling. Mahut haNeshama (Essence of the soul) uses a chart of 74 different "issues".  During the session, the practitioner is being guided to the specific issue that needs to be cleared for each specific situation.

  • Clearing sessions can take 10-60 minutes, depending on the issues that come up.

  • Clearing can take place over the phone or through WIFI communication, but it is not necessary for the client to be present during the clearing. A report will be sent via email. 

Energy and chakra balancing 

The Chakra system consists of seven main energy centers within our body.

The Chakras operate as central stations for energy to travel and change from matter to spirit and spirit to matter.

Each center influences different physical/emotional/mental/spiritual functions. 

If there is a blockage or misalignment in one or more chakras it can interfere with our health, daily function, and achieving our goals. 

Clearing, balancing and activating the chakras using energy work, breath, imagery,  and mind-relaxation techniques will allow for balance and flow between body, mind, energy body and spirit. 

Chakra balancing can also be done remotely. 

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