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Eeris Kallil Registered l.M.T, CLT
NCBTMB Approved Provider #451008-09

Core Alignment Technique

15 CE Hours



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Instructor: Eeris Kallil LMT, CLT

Eeris has been a massage and bodywork practitioner since 1986 and an educator since 1999, including 9 years at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Boulder, Colorado.
Eeris is the founder of Core Alignment Technique (CAT). 

Eeris is an NBCTMB approved provider.


CAT- an effective "3D" hands-on technique that will enhance your traditional massage

with non-pressure passive movement routines in supine and sideline.

Eeris' Core Alignment Technique (CAT), which was inspired by the work of her teacher Shari Sunshine as well as her own bodywork experience. It is a unique mixture of movements, stretches and Energy Work. This technique uses slow, repetitive, movements, encouraging the release of old holding patterns and restrictions for the spine, neck, shoulder and pelvis.


This technique uses slow, repetitive, range-of-motion type movement and stretches.  This passive movement work is very relaxing and enables the client to safely release old patterns on a physical and energetic level. The technique is performed in supine and side position, and includes on and off the table neck techniques, thus adding another dimension to your table work.

  • A full C.A.T session lasts about 75-90 min. and can be performed with the client fully clothed.

  •  Each segment can be adapted separately into a regular massage session as an addition according to the client’s needs. 


The benefits of Core Alignment Technique


  • Help with chronic or acute upper and lower back pain and stiffness

  • Helps release Frozen Shoulder, neck pain and stiffness

  • Spinal Stenosis pain relief

  • Increased flexibility and mobility after injury or surgery

  • Sideline approach for clients that are not able to lay prone or supine

  • Excellent during pregnancy (Some exception apply)

  • Movement adds another dimension to a regular massage

The workshop will cover:

Techniques and stretches in side-position and supine. 

Scanning and assessing body posture and misalignments

Mindfulness exercise

Proper body mechanics  
Hands-on practice.

Prerequisites: Student must be a graduate of 500 hours of massage therapy school or students who completed 500 hrs of training by the time of the workshop.

What to bring with you:

Massage table
2 pillows
A notebook and a pen
Wear comfortable loose clothing- No jeans, please.

The workshop will be done with clothes on.

Registration and payment


For questions please call: 
303 775-8005 or Email:

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