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Massage Therapy and Breast Cancer

Core Alignment Technique

Shiatsu and Intu-Atsu


Massage Therapy and Breast Cancer: 

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Core Alignment Technique


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Massage Therapy and Breast Cancer

24 Continuing Education Hours

Knowledge is the key to providing safe and wholesome massage honoring the physical, emotional and energetic body.
YOU can make a difference in your client’s journey back to health.

What every massage therapist NEEDS to know about breast cancer

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Core Alignment Technique

16 Continuing Education Hours

An effective "3D" hands-on technique that will complement your traditional massage 

Take your bodywork one step further; 

Enrich your bodywork beyond the traditional prone/supine massage

with non-pressure techniques and unique side-position routines!

Enhance your repertoire of neck movements!

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Shiatsu and Intro to Intu-Atsu

Review the meridian location and functions and learn the Masunaga abdominal diagnostic areas.

Intro to Intu-Atsu will teach you how to use the Chinese medicine wisdom and incorporate intuitive meridian work into your massage session to help facilitate balance, harmonious flow, and integration of the client’s physical emotional and spiritual focus 

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8/16 Continuing Education Hours