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The Rice Buddy
makes a great gift

My homemade Rice-Buddies are 

great for home and office.
Available in two sizes, in fun washable covers.

Microwave for 3.5-4.5 min.

Or place in a Ziploc-bag and freeze

  • Hot Rice Buddy helps to increase circulation and soothe sore muscles 

  • Place on the stomach to relieve menstrual pain, cramps, or indigestion

  • Slide under your blankets to warm-up your bed at night

  • Cold feet? Warm-up your feet in no time

  • Freeze and use as a cold-pack for hot days or inflamed areas

  • You can almost hear it purr...or is it you? 

Regular (Approx. 3.5 lb) $32.00

Large (Approx. 4.5 lb) $40.00

Shipping cost (USA only) if shipping is desired:

Quantity: 1     $13.65

Quantity: 2-3  $18.90

More than 3? Please call for shipping quote

See available fabrics below  

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Please choose two or three patterns in case your top choice is sold out.


Click here to order

Please allow 7 days. 

Payment: Check, Venmo, Zeele, PayPal

Delivery: Pick up in person or shipping (Shipping cost will apply)

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Fabric choices
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