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Eeris has hands that extend from her heart

"You can feel the compassion and love extend from her hands which is such a rare gift. What makes her massage particularly unique is the way she incorporates her strong intuition into her session. Her clients experience deeper spiritual and emotional connection through tuning in with the physical bodies. I always leave a session lighter yet grounded in my own inner knowing. I am so grateful to have found Eeris and experience her healing touch."

April Glaser

Yoga Instructor, Boulder CO.

"I have been very 


to experience the luxury of regular weekly massages from Eeris for twenty years.  I am quite an active person enjoying many activities such running, skiing, hiking and workout sessions at the gym.  I can honestly say that I have been able to continue with all these activities over the years due to Eeris's healing and nurturing touch.


"I feel very blessed to have met Eeris.  Not only is she an extremely gifted healer- she is very wise, caring, and kind. I have been receiving treatment at BodyWork Wisdom for several months, and I always look forward to my appointment. Eeris is a careful listener, has a loving touch, and intuitively guides me through my life work.  Following each treatment, I feel transformed, lighter, brighter and more powerful than ever before!"


-Megan Mc'Canna, Acupuncturist

Inner Path Acupuncture, Boulder, CO

Eeris is a warm and sensitive person, capable of transmitting this through her hands in a gentle but yet firm manner. Her hands always seem to know exactly what my body needs." 


-Randy Ganter. A client since 1996

Massage Therapy and Breast cancer- Class Testimonials
Eeris Kallil

Massage Therapy and Breast cancer- Class Testimonials

More Clients' Testimonies


"I had gone to numerous massage therapists looking for the key match of intuitive sense of need combined with the training and experience of a professional massage therapist.  Eeris is that perfect combination and more.  Eeris has been able to help heal a 2-year-old elbow injury--she has healing powers!  She is able to provide a deep massage, a healing massage, a spiritual massage -- Eeris is able to achieve what you need when you need it!"  
-J. B


"Being diagnosed with breast cancer was traumatic for me. The medical treatment was not easy. Eeris helped me through it all. She listened and understood and eased some of my fears. Through her massage she soothed my overtaxed body, which translated into greater ease with the entire stressful situation." 
-Anne B.


"When I'm being massaged by Eeris it often feels like a warm loving ballet on my body. Her fingers seem to move in harmony with the music"
-Susan S.  A client since 2003

"Eeris provides a supportive environment for healing and releasing tension that causes stress and dis-ease. During every step of my journey through breast cancer,chemo and surgeries, Eeris helped me be in optimum health. Eeris worked with my body using various forms of massage including lymphatic drainage, Shiatsu and intuitive energy work.  Her gifted touch is sensitive, loving and intuitive, and shifts to the varying needs of the client. Eeris provides massage that promotes healing, relaxation and wellness"
 -Patty Pansa. 2008-2013


"My daughter-in-law, a physical therapist, introduced me to Eeris 12 years ago when I was visiting Boulder. While I was not new to massage I knew the first time that this was different and that this was a truly gifted person. Along with her assessment of what my body needed she gave off this amazing energy, calm and positive. She identified on that first visit that  "something " was going on in my back, X-rays later showed moderate scoliosis (45-degree curvature). Knowing what was causing this chronic pain helped me to tailor exercise and lifestyle changes that have made a difference. I am grateful she set me on the right track!! I benefit so much from my time with Eeris. She cares about my needs at that time and how she might help. I know how fortunate I am to know her. It is not just the massage but Eeris herself."
-A very grateful 73-year-old Patricia


"Eeris is the BEST massage therapist, bar none. She is a gifted, 
intuitive, thoughtful healer and a stellar, loving person. I feel blessed to know her and have the honor of her friendship."
-Kelly Simmons


Thank you once again for your wisdom, gentle spirit and love that you show through your work. Clearly, you are made to do what you do! Thank you for your hard work and helping my sister regain wholeness through her many struggles.
You are such a blessing! I feel wonderful since my massage. You are always right on with your comments as well."
-Deb G.


"I can't believe how good I am feeling since the session. Suddenly I am smiling again, and I can get out of bed in the morning, and I am getting stuff done. It truly is amazing. Thanks." 
-P.F A first-time client


"That was one amazing massage/session! It really was one of the very best! I am still processing the benefits.  I definitely feel more alive and less anxious.  The treatment felt like it reached me on a deep level.  Like a message to my body and my body listened. Thank you so much!"


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