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5 Important Facts About Massage During Chemotherapy

  1. The Ideal timing for a massage is the day before chemotherapy is administered. That's when the client usually feels best. If that's not possible, It is recommended to Wait 3-5 days after treatment depending on the client.

  2. It's NOT recommended to work on the client mid-cycle. That’s when the blood counts can drop to their lowest, leaving the client vulnerable to infections.

  3. Use light to medium pressure at all times to avoid overtaxing the body. Client's energy is low to start with, and cannot tolerate a lot of stimulation

  4. Watch for external devices like a port and avoid the area. Chemotherapy is usually administered through an external port that is connected to the Subclavian vein. Avoid working around it to prevent contamination and other complications

  5. Be aware of possible Deep Vein Thrombosis. (DVT) DVT is a common side effect during and post chemo. DVT is the formation of a blood clot in a deep vein, usually in a calf or thigh muscle. If you suspect your client has this condition stop your massage and refer your client to a doctor or emergency room.


Learn more about the guideline for working with a client during chemo and radiation and about safe massage application for clients living with breast cancer.

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